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Training Committee

Chair: Jarre Ameye

            Jurre Stam
            Lara Jungmann

Hey there fellow Seadragons!

We are the one and only Training Committee, dedicated to enhancing your diving skills and expertise during our weekly pool trainings!

Every week, we gather at the pool for some exciting and helpful skill-building sessions.  From fine-tuning gear setups to mastering buoyancy, improving freediving and snorkeling skills,  boosting stamina, and practice rescue scenarios, our sessions cover a wide range of essential underwater skills. Join these trainings for an enjoyable time with your fellow seadragon friends as we dive into training together!

But we’re not only about individual skills; our main focus during the weekly pool trainings is to give our members the skills to dive safely in our association. We prioritize safety and enjoyment for everyone, whether you’re just beginning your diving journey or already an experienced diver.

So, if you’re enthusiastic about sharing your diving expertise and leading one of our weekly training sessions, we’d love to have you join us in the Training Committee!

See you underwater!

The Training Committee

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