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Members of our association have dived worldwide, and we would like to share all the experiences with you!

Diving & More

W.S.D.A. The Seadragons is a scuba diving association that is also focused on freediving, marine life, marine ecology & social activities.

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Are you a student of Wageningen University & Research, and do you want to learn diving, improve your skills or increase your dive experiences? Click below for more information.

Diving is like…

“meditating in a world of creatures that could come straight out of a dream.”

– Lea

Connected to…

W.S.D.A. The Seadragons is proud to be one of the Student Sport Associations (SSA) of SWU Thymos and therefore is connected to Wageningen University and Sports centre de Bongerd.

SWU Thymos

Wageningen University & Research

Sports centre de Bongerd

W.S.D.A. The Seadragons


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