Zeeland Weekends

Twice a year, usually in the enchanting months of May and June, our passionate Zeeland committee comes together to organize what we call a ‘Zeeland Weekend.’ This extraordinary event is made to bring our enthusiastic members closer, uniting them in a shared love for the underwater world. Set against the backdrop of some of the most pristine diving spots in Eastern Europe, these weekends are a unique opportunity to explore the beauty beneath the waves this close to home.

Our incredible Zeeland Committee is at the heart of these weekends. They plan every detail, ensuring that your experience is nothing short of expectation. From organizing gear rentals to creating carpool divisions and even crafting a schedule for communal dinners, they’ve got it all covered.

Fascinating diving spots

Zeeland is renowned for its underwater beauty. We journey to these waters to uncover the treasures hidden beneath. With the support of our experienced divers, you’ll explore the beautiful underwater landscapes that Zeeland has to offer. Whether you’re a seasoned diver or not, there’s something for everyone.

Cozy accommodation

For the past few years, we have spent the nights at our favourite mini-camping in Scharendijke. From our sleeping spot it is only 1,5 km to some of Zeeland’s best diving sports in the Grevelingenmeer, does it get any better? Up on arrival we divide ourselves among several cozy caravans and get the bonfire started for the first entertaining evening. Let the fun begin!

Bonding between Seadragons

You’ll be joined by a fantastic group of 10 to 20 Seadragons, each with their own tales and love for the underwater world. This shared passion creates an unforgettable atmosphere that enhances your diving experience.

Marine life

Dive into a world where the vibrant marine life takes center stage. Witness the grace of the nudibranches, the mysterious behavior of lobsters, and the intricate lives of the crabs that call Zeeland’s waters home.