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Zeeland Committee

Chair: Laura de Vries

            Mart Harmsen
            Esmée Rolloos
            Jurre Stam
            Ferry Kalthof

Hello fellow seadragons!

We are the Zeeland Committee and we organize the amazing weekends to Zeeland. These weekends happen usually twice a year and are always a lot of fun!
During these weekends we visit multiple diving spots in Zeeland and often we include an interesting diving activity. An example is the diving bingo, where you need to look for the species on your bingo card.

Besides diving a lot during these weekends, you also get to know your fellow seadragons way better. Especially when staying in the cozy caravans of our regular campsite Terra Promessa. So these weekends involve more then just diving. In fact, you can even join us as a snorkeler on the Zeeland weekend.

Love to sea you next diving weekend!

The Zeeland Committee

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