Confidential Contact Person (VCP)

A Confidential Contact Person (VCP) is someone who you can talk to when you or someone you know is experiencing or has experienced unwanted or unacceptable behaviour. Unwanted or unacceptable behaviour can take many forms, like discrimination, bullying, (sexual) harassment, threats, stalking or gossiping, both online and offline. Even if it is very subtle, unwanted or unacceptable behaviour can still have a great impact on your feeling of safety and your pleasure in exercising.

Contact information:                                Phone number: 0317-482746                                  E-mail:                                       Website

Kjell Tolsma

Floor Venemans

Janiek van de Rijdt

Brenda Langevoort

Contact information:                                Phone number: +31 (0)317 482746                            E-mail:                                  Website

Ingi Alofs

Shelley van Haalen

Tijmen van Oosterbrugge

Remon ter Harmsel

Contact information:                                Phone number: 0317 481 774                                  E-mail:                                   Website

Anke van Oostveen

Klaartje Thierry