Ever dreamed of being surrounded by thousands of fish? A few times a year, at TODI, our members dive and snorkel in a big 6.5 million liter tank, surrounded by over 5.000 fish.

Todi is one of the largest indoor diving facilities in the world and is known for its unique underwater environment.  At Todi, divers can explore a submerged old quarry that has been transformed into a stunning underwater world. The site includes underwater landscapes, sunken objects, and a great variety of aquatic life.

So don’t miss out and join this cool activity!

Like a day of vacation

“Visiting TODI was a really nice experience that felt like a day of vacation! The view from the pool was of a beautiful snowy landscape and we were inside snorkeling between colorful fishes. Very magical!”

– Katelijn Dekkers

A dream came true...

“As a kid, I dreamed about being surrounded by thousands of fish, just foating around and enjoying the peace. Imagine, floating underwater, being able to breath, and just watch the thousands of fish swimming around you. This dream came true! The moment we decent, it became quiet, the only thing you hear are bubbles, and that’s a moment I will never forget.”

– Luuk Wilbers

Our Members talking

Magical day

“Diving at TODI was a truly unique experience. The amazing feeling of wonder and peacefulness that I always experience when I am diving became something magical by being surrounded by thousands of tropical fish”

– Cédulie Chapot