Our sponsors

We thank our sponsors for their invaluable support of our association!

Franka Appelman is a dive doctor/medical examiner. In addition she informs people about the effects of diving on the body and how to dive as safely as possible from a medical point of view.

The nicest diving school in Renkum and its surroundings. For IDD, PADI, and SSI courses. They make your first diving experience at your course an unforgettable experience!

Poolcafé Infinity is a pleasant place to go out in the center of Wageningen. The pool café has seven pool tables and is a very cosy bar where you can enjoy the Wageningen hospitality. 

Do you want to work at the coolest festivals or other big events? HeE!Werkt makes events unforgettable for everyone on the festival site, whether you are a visitor or an employee.

Become a sponsor

W.S.D.A. The Seadragons is a young scuba diving association that is also focused on freediving, marine life, marine ecology & social activities. Our mission is to break down the barriers that make diving an exclusive sport due to its costs, ensuring that even students can dive into this extraordinary world of adventure.

How your sponsorship will make a difference:

  • Gear Maintenance
    Your sponsorship will help us maintain and update our diving equipment, ensuring the safety and comfort of our members during their underwater adventures.
  • Exciting Activities:
    With your support, we can organize even more exciting diving trips, workshops, courses and training sessions. These activities not only enrich our members’ diving skills but also create a great base for future marine Biologists.
  • Membership Growth:
    By providing financial support, you’ll help us attract new members to our association, further diversifying our community and spreading the love of diving.

As a relatively new and small dive association, we rely on your support to continue our mission and keep the spirit of student diving alive.

Thank you for considering supporting WSDA Sea Dragons! 

Diving is our Th-air-apy!