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If you are a student (including PhD) at Wageningen University and like diving as much as we do, you are more than welcome at the W.S.D.A. The Seadragons. A membership at W.S.D.A. The Seadragons can improve your life with excellent diving and social activities. Besides these weekly or monthly activities, you can join diving weekends in Zeeland, diving days at Slijk Ewijk, and even a diving holiday to a more tropical location, like Craotia.

Prices membership (2022/2023)
Being a member of W.S.D.A. The Seadragons is not for free, but we try everything to make it possible to dive for everyone – even for students. To become a member of the association, it is mandatory to have annual sports rights at SCB De Bongerd; all other prices are listed below.

Diving Membership:dive insurance included
Full-year: € 135,-
Half-year: € 90,-

Non-Diving Membership:
Full-year: € 60,-
Half-year: € 35,-

Gear Rental
As a member of this association with a diving membership, you are lucky! We, as an association, have our own gear that can be rented for a small student price.

Prices Gear Rental (2022/2023)
Indoor dives:
Full set: €8,00
Tank + filling: €3.50
BCD: €3.00
Regulator: €3,00

Outdoor dives:
Full set: €22,50
Tank + filling: €8,00
BCD: €7,00
Regulator: €10,00

If you are interested in becoming a member or if you want more information, you can send an email to:

Dive into the blue!