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Activity Committee

Chair: Cédulie Chapot

            Arthur Baak
            Laura de Vries
            Robin van der Grond
            Ferry Kalthof
            Jelle Kok

Hi fellow Seadragons!

We are the activity committee of our diving association. Because diving in the Netherlands is not possible (or at least not enjoyable) all year around, it’s the AcSea’s responsibility to organize, all year around, various types of fun activities for our members.
It’s always a lot of fun to plan exciting activities. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested in taking part in organizing and sharing your ideas, everything is possible!

Whether you prefer cozy movie nights, competitive Beer Olympics, festive Secret Santa, relaxing game nights, or even delicious chocolate or cheese fondue you will find an activity! The AcSea is organizing all kinds of entertaining events in which Seadragons can bond and get to know each other without diving gear.

We hope to sea you at our next activity!

The Activity Committee

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