Pool Training

The week-to-week sportive and social part of our association is centered around our weekly pool training.

Here, members of our amazing Training Committee provide members with interesting, engaging, educational and also intense trainings! Some examples of trainings we usually give are:

  • scuba exercises
  • freediving
  • stamina training
  • swimming techniques
  • rescue training.

We aim to give diverse trainings throughout the year and to provide each member with suitable and enjoyable training.

Our weekly pool training is given in the Doelum pool in Renkum from 20:00 until 21:00 on Wednesday evenings.
Interested students or PhD’s are more than welcome to try out a training!

As the pool in Renkum is currently being renovated we are now training at the Bongerd pool in Wageningen from 22:00 until 23:00 on Wednesdays.