Scuba Diving Courses

Scuba Diving Courses


Nederlandse Onderwatersport Bond

The Seadragons is affiliated with the Dutch Underwater Sports Association (NOB) and provides students with NOB-certified scuba diving courses. For beginners to advanced divers, and from
basic- to specific applied courses (for example cave or drift dives), we will provide courses suited for everyone.

1* Open water diver

(Currently given at W.S.D.A. The Seadragons, however for new students there is a waiting list)

If you want to learn how to dive, this course is exactly what you need. During this 1* (first star) course you will learn all about the most common diving materials and the basics of diving. Before you get your certificate you’ll learn some diving theory. To maintain a high standard of safety the first diving skills will be reached in a swimming pool. After learning the basics and you feel comfortable witch the underwater techniques, you will go outside to dive for a minimum of 7 times together with your instructor.
After successful completion of the course, you receive the 1* dive certificate, with which you can dive up to 20 meters deep with a buddy worldwide.

2* Advanced open water

(Currently NOT given at W.S.D.A. The Seadragons)

This 2* (second star) course is for those who is interested in learning more about diving in harder circumstances, such as tidal waters and after sunset. You’ll learn how to help your buddy when he or she is in danger and how to deal with unexpected events. In other words, this course is very useful to have if you want to dive more often. The 2* dive certificate is also valid all around the world.

3* Divemaster

(Currently NOT given at W.S.D.A. The Seadragons)

This course is designed for divers who already have much experience in diving and are ready for the next step: coaching and teaching other people how to dive. Besides this you’ll learn how to react in situations of emergency. One of the subjects that is mostly discussed is decompression diving. For achieving this certificate you also need to know how to resuscitate and administer oxygen. After learning all these skills you will become a dive master.